New to crowdfunding?

Crowdfunding simply is the efforts by individuals and groups to fund their ventures by drawing on relatively small contributions from a relatively large number of individuals using the power of internet, without standard financial intermediaries”
For many Africans crowdfunding as it may appear might be a new phenomena but truth is it has been there for a very long time . That is why at medfund we are passionate about harnessing the power of this great tool to gather as much funds as possible for those who are in desperate and urgent need of it. With the use of secured payment gateways platforms are able to collect funds over the internet for whatever cause .

How MedFunds Works

For us MedFund is not just a platform it is a revolution, the joy of having to collectively join our efforts to support causes that helps put smiles on faces of individuals is truly irreplaceable.

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You need to first have a genuine need for financial assistance

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Sign up on our platform , add all relevant details and you are good to go

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Withdraw monies at the end of campaigns or at anytime you choose

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