Who We Are

Medfund is Africa's emerging crowd funding platform using the power of the crowd to raise funds to support causes that are close to the heart of individuals . Especially in the areas of medical emergencies, urgent surgeries ,ongoing treatment, medical outreaches , medical initiatives and medical researches. With a very user friendly interface you can begin an online campaign in a matter of minutes by sharing your story with the world. As a social enterprise company we are made up of passionate individuals whose aim is to use the power of internet crowdfunding to bridge the ever existing gap in healthcare financing especially among low and middle income earners .   At medfund the ideology is simple we may not be able to help everyone but everyone can help someone .

MISSION:Our mission is to use the power of online crowd funding to assist the already existing challenges in healthcare expenses and financing .

VISION: Our vision is to be able to develop and use available technologies to supplement the health economies of Africa in the areas of health financing and quality healthcare delivery. 

What we do

At Medfund we have created a safe and all inclusive web platform where all your medical and charity needs can be crowdfunded from the public without having to go through the usual stress of raising timely funds . At medfund we understand that when it comes to medical emergencies timing is always of great importance thats the reason why we place great importance to creating an experience for you that enables funds to be raised just when you need it. One of the disruptive benefits medfund presents is being able to thourouly verify that indeed individuals truly need financial assistance for whatever course they are applying for . People deceptively milking money from donors is now a thing of the past. Join the global community of givers today.

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